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Educational Computer Games
Educational Computer Games

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Arthur's Software
Caillou Software
Jumpstart Software
Math Blaster
Reader Rabbit Software
Reading Blaster Software
Ckuefinders Software
SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers

SpeedSkin Keyboard Cover


read more about cloud based educational software

SpeedSkin Overlay

SpeedSkin/PC Standard Keyboard Cover fits standard, stand alone deep key desktop keyboards.

SpeedSkin UltraSlim

SpeedSkin UltraSlim Keyboard Cover fits iMac, MacBookPro laptop, most name brand PC laptops & ultra-slim stand alone/desktop shallow keyboards and Chromebook laptops.

Cloud Based Education

Cloud Based Education

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Off Campus Downloads for Working at Home
Download Educational Software

Many of the Children's Educational Software
Titles we offer are available as downloads. With
a great deal of today's newer computers not having
CD-ROM drives, downloading is very impartant.

Read more about Faces 4.0EDU for schools

"Faces 4.0EDU", for Cognitive Learning and Your Children's Safety!
Faces 3.0

You be the Sketch Artist!

Learn the skills for increasing your cognitive
awareness, build your short term memory and
improve on your personal safety!

Coronavirus disease Special
50% off on all download version!

and, It's Fun!..............Read more about Faces 4.0EDU for schools

Learn Cursive, Now!


Startwrite, the Handwriting Worksheet Wizard will help teachers, homeschoolers, and parents create handwriting lessons quickly and easily, even in "Cursive". Startwrite saves hours in lesson preparation time, yet allows you to easily create fun, meaningful worksheet to teach handwriting in both "Manuscript" and "Cursive". Startwrite lets you focus on your child's needs and interests instead of dots and dots and more dots.Read more about Faces 4.0EDU for schools

Our Best Selling Educational Software For Home & School!
Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics 1st & 2nd Grade

Reader Rabbit
Learn to Read
with Phonics
1st-2nd Grades

Oregon Trail 5

Oregon Trail 5th Edition

Jump Start 1st Grade

1st Grade

Jump Start Typing
Join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on their fun-filled adventure in search of the Land Where the Lions Roam Free!
A huge hit in the schools! Builds real-life decision-making and problem-solving skills.
Kids build essential 1st Grade skills and get a head start on 2nd Grade with the help of fun animal friends, music, and animation! Master key skills in Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, and more!
Designed specifically for kids, Jump Start Typing combines our award-Winning learning system with exciting game play to make learning to type fun and easy.
Arthur's Kidergarten 2CD

Arthur's Kindergarten
2CD Set


Teacher's Pet:

Math Blaster ages 6-8

Math Blaster:
Ages 6-8

Reading Blaster 6-8

Reading Blaster:
Ages 9-12

Arthur’s Kindergarten is the perfect combination of learning, fun, and helpful features. With 15 different educational activities,
Join Bailey, Sammy, Trudy, and Millie in Fun Learning Adventures! (5) Great Programs, (1) low Price!!
The intergalactic carnival has arrived on planet Omega. Here's your chance to go for the grand prize and Win the championship obstacle race.
Six of Bizarroville's leading citizens have vanished into thin air, and all the evidence points to Dr. Dabble!
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