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Caillou Party Fun & Games"

Caillou Party Fun & Games


"Caillou Party Fun & Games" Description

Come along with Caillou for a birthday adventure that's full of surprises. Discover letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Plus, there are songs and rhymes to make. Create birthday cards and invitations—then play games with all of your friends! Let's go, the party is about to begin. Look, Caillou, there are presents to open!

Musical Chairs:

Dance to the music and match the pairs. Be sure to seat your party pals in the right chairs.

Bubble Popper:

Splash, splop! Bubbles float on top. Click on colors, shapes and numbers to make them pop.

Rhyme Time:

Grandpa loves to tell stories that rhyme. Choose the right word to finish each line.

"Caillou Party Fun & Games" Discover & Learn:

  • Matching

  • Letter, Number & Sound Recognition

  • Counting & Addition

  • Colors, Shapes & Patterns

  • Pattern Repetition

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity

  • Music & Songs

  • Rhyming

"Caillou Party Fun & Games" Special Features:

  • 4 Party Themes

  • 8 Activities

  • 3 Skill Levels

  • Printable Creations

  • Clickable Animations

  • Fun Caillou Songs

"Caillou Party Fun & Games" Screen Shots

Caillou Party Fun & Games
Caillou Party Fun & Games
Caillou Party Fun & Games

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Caillou Party Fun & Games
Brighter Child
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Childrens Educational Software
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Caillou Software

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Caillou Party Fun & Games

Join Caillou in a hunt for hidden treasures! There are new discoveries around every corner—letters, numbers, music and more! Find toys and animals hidden in clouds. Create stories and songs to sing out loud. Come on, Caillou, let's go explore the Magic Playhouse. Look! The puppets are coming to life!
Matching Socks: Open dresser drawers and out pop socks! Find the match—stripes, solids or dots?
Butterfly Hunt: Butterflies flutter by—catch them in the net! Leo shows you the patterns to get.
Tap That Tune:
Listen carefully as Caillou plays his song. Repeat notes in sequence to play along
JumpStart Toddler
(CD in Gift Quality Jewel Case)

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