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EducationMax Learning Computer


Build Your Own Educational Computer! All of the Educational Souftware Apps you purchase will be Pre-Loaded and not require the CD to be in the CD-ROM drive when your young students want to learn!

Just choose the computer that's best for you, the desired upgrades, the software (Windows 10 Compatible Only) for your student or students and we'll do the rest!! (Allow up to 5 days Build Time)


(1) The answer to the problem of
Educational Software incompatibility with
your operating system!

(2) The answer to the problem of
Education Software running from the CD!

(3) The answer to the problem of
what Educational Software is right for my
Young Student!


The perfect solution for Libraries on a Budget, Pre-Schools, Daycare Centers, Church Schools and anywhere there's Young Students yearning to learn!

Or Even Adults just Catching Up!


EducationMax has combined its 20 years experience in the Educational Software Industry with a Leading Computer Refurbisher to offer an affordable solution for students from 2 years through adult!


  • The Educational Programs you purchase will come loaded on the Learning Computer hard drive.
  • No CDs required to run the programs
  • For ages (2) years to Adult
  • Full (1) Year Warrantee

Refurbished by:
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EducationMax Learning Computer
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Dell Desktop Learning Compu8ter
Refurbished Del Computerl
Refurbished Learning Computer

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Dell Laptop Learning Computer
Refurbished Del Computerl
Refurbished Learning Computer

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Upgrade to:
ChesterCreek LessonBoard

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Tiny Mouse
ChesterCreek Tiny Mouse

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LeapFrog Headphones
LeapFrog Headphones

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