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StickyBear ABC Deluxe"Stickybear Numbers Deluxe"

English & Spanish


Stickybear Numbers Deluxe is a numeracy teaching tool with four separate activities for numbers 0-9 and 0-30 as number recognition increases. Engaging graphics and simple to use interface for nonreaders holds students' interest while they build and reinforce number concepts. Students utilize visual, spatial and auditory context clues to select, identify, pronounce, and write numbers. Each activity provides an opportunity to build skills essential for success in mathematics. Teachers are able to target specific skills to build early mathematical understanding. Management controls for portfolio assessment. Bilingual, users can toggle freely between English and Spanish. School Versions and above include freely reproducible lesson plans and manipulative masters.

Single Version (1 Seat)
School Version (2 Seats & Lesson Plans)
Lab Pack (6 Seats & Lesson Plans)
Site License (30 Seats & Lesson Plans)
$20.00 Per additional Seat, Lab and above

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Stickybear Numbers Deluxe
Stickybear Numbers Deluxe
Stickybear Numbers Deluxe
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Stickybear Numbers Deluxe
English & Spanish
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Stickybear Numbers Deluxe
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Stickybear Numbers Deluxe

Stickybear Numbers Deluxe
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Site License (30)
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