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StickyBear ABC Deluxe"Stickybear Science Fair Light"


Stickybear Science Fair Light presents a content rich environment which allows students to explore, experiment with, and understand light and its properties. The program presents experiments, both structured and free-form, which allow users to work with prisms, lenses, color mixing, optical illusions, and more. Historical data is coupled with a student produced journal which aids in the reinforcement of scientific method. Students enter their own responses and the result of their experiments, print out take-home sheets and hands-on off-screen experiment instructions. Teachers can assign sections and tasks which students can research and complete both on and off-screen. The program encourages the use of the computer as a tool for both group and individual participation. School Versions and above include freely reproducible lesson plans and manipulative masters.

Single Version (1 Seat)
School Version (2 Seats & Lesson Plans)
Lab Pack (6 Seats & Lesson Plans)
Site License (30 Seats & Lesson Plans)
$20.00 Per additional Seat, Lab and above

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Screen Shots
Stickybear Science Fair Light
Stickybear Science Fair Light
Stickybear Science Fair Light
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Stickybear Science Fair Light
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Stickybear Science Fair Light
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Stickybear Science Fair Light

Stickybear Science Fair Light
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