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StickyBear ABC Deluxe"Stickybear Shapes Deluxe"

English & Spanish


Four activities teach shape identification and the names of each shape. The Find It activity challenges children to find and name shapes within pictures. Creative expression is encouraged as children use Draw It to produce their own shape pictures. An important addition to the complete educational software library encouraging children as they develop essential skills that relate to code-breaking, mathematics, language, and problem solving. Reinforces shape recall with many delightful activities. Bilingual, users can toggle freely between English and Spanish. School Versions and above include freely reproducible lesson plans and manipulative masters.

Single Version (1 Seat)
School Version (2 Seats & Lesson Plans)
Lab Pack (6 Seats & Lesson Plans)
Site License (30 Seats & Lesson Plans)
$20.00 Per additional Seat, Lab and above

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Stickybear Shapes Deluxe
Stickybear Shapes Deluxe
Stickybear Shapes Deluxe
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Stickybear Shapes Deluxe
English & Spanish
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Stickybear Shapes Deluxe
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Stickybear Shapes Deluxe

This award Winning program features six separate learning activities which provide colorful, motivating skills practice. Children learn the alphabet, counting, writing, shapes, opposites, and colors while they prepare for later academic success.
Stickybear Shapes Deluxe
School Version Loads to the Hard Drive

N/A N/A Lab Pack (6)
Half Site (15)
Site License (30)
(30)SL Add On

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