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Speedskin Keyboard Cover


Free Shipping on SpeedSkin Ultraslim
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Free Shipping on SpeedSkin Ultraslim

Speedskin Standard

SpeedSkin/PC Standard Keyboard Cover fits standard, stand alone deep key desktop keyboards.

If your keyboard looks like this,
choose the Standard DeepKey SpeedSkin.

Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
Free Shipping on SpeedSkin Ultraslim
SpeedSkin UltraSlim

SpeedSkin 1st Generation UltraSlimKeyboard Cover fits most first generation name brand laptops, shallow keyboards and Chromebooks.

If your keyboard looks like this,
choose the 1st Generation UltraSlim.

Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
(10) Pack Volume Pricing
Free Shipping on SpeedSkin Ultraslim
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation

SpeedSkin for ChromeBooks, 2nd Generation Laptops & MacBooks. Fits 99% the 2020/2023 school years name brand Chromebooks laptops, shallow keyboards and 2nd Generation MacBooks.
If your keyboard looks like this,
choose the 2nd Generation UltraSlim.

Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
(10) Pack Volume Pricing
Free Shipping on SpeedSkin Ultraslim
SpeedSkin Unifit Closeup "UNIFIT" Cover by SpeedSkin
Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
(10) Pack Volume Pricing
Free Shipping on SpeedSkin Ultraslim
EducationMax Stop-the-Peek Keyboard Cover for the Dell KB216 & KM636 (DP/N ORKRON) EducationMax Perfict Fit,
No-Peek Blank Mid-Depth Keyboard Covers

(Fits Dell KB216 & KM636 Keyboards (DP/N ORKRON) &
HP All-in-One 23.8" & 27" Pavilion)
Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
(10) Pack Volume Pricing
Free Shipping on SpeedSkin Ultraslim

Why should your student use a
Keyboard Cover?

SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd GenerationTop

If a SCHOOL DISTRICT, SCHOOL or even a PARENT is going to SPEND A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY on the purchase of a computer for
their students, they should at least spend a few dollars


  • Covering the keyboard while learning to   keyboard is a popular strategy for teaching touch typing.

  • Overall, the research says that students who can’t see their keyboards while they use keyboarding software to learn to keyboard will learn significantly faster than those who did not use covers.

  • Many traditional typing programs will advocate the covering of hands right from the outset, to encourage touch-typing to develop more quickly.

  • Skins are just as easy to remove, making them useful for giving students multiple ways to practice even with a limited amount of time.

  • One of the most difficult aspects of computer keyboarding for students is to look mainly at the screen, rather than the fingers, while typing.

  • Typing covers are a must have tool to aid in learning keyboarding. Typing covers prevent the user from looking at the keyboard, thus improving touch typing efficiency. No keyboarding class should be without typing covers. Learn more about the benefits of typing covers.


  • by Leigh E. Zeitz, Ph.D.
    University of Northern Iowa
    May 25, 2008

    Learning to key without looking at the keyboard is a difficult thing to do.  This is especially difficult if your learners have taught themselves to type and developed “bad habits.” On of the most prominent “bad habits” that novice keyboarders learn is looking at the keyboard while typing. In response to this need, vendors have developed keyboard covers (or skins) which hide the letters on the keys from students.  But does this work?
    The $64 question is “Will it help my students learn to touch type faster if we install keyboard covers?”

  • Jeny Buchanan said:
    My students have successfully used SpeedSkins for years. We start with third graders and they find them challenging but at the end SS get the job done. This year our keyboards have slightly changed (HP touchscreen PC’s) and I am afraid our SpeedSkins won’t properly cover our keys anymore. I hope this can be fixed soon. Let me know if a new SS is coming out soon.

  • Debra Resch said:
    Thank you for doing this. Keyboarding is often viewed as boring, unnecessary drudgery. Many “new” computer teachers want to skip this step and move on to the “fun” stuff. As a former business education teacher turned technology facilitator, I have never changed my belief in the importance of students learning to properly keyboard to obtain fluency, but I admit that I have backed off for the past couple of years. It seemed like a losing battle. Recently, I’ve started hearing rumblings of recognition that just maybe keyboarding does have some value and that kids don’t come out of the womb knowing how to keyboard. Hopefully, the tide is changing back a bit.

  • Janet Burzyk said:
    I found this blog very interesting and could relate to some of the comments. I too was a Business teacher and now a Computer Tech. teacher and feel keyboarding is almost out the window. I use to teach keyboarding at the college level and now can barely fit it into my curriculum at the middle school level. For some reason, people feel that students are just born to know how to type properly. Of course this is not the case and practice is the only way to learn how to type properly and quickly. I still am a firm believer that we need to keep keyboarding in the curriculum and even at the high school level!!

  • Leigh Zeitz
    Thanks for the feedback on the Speedskins. They can be quite useful. Did you see the research that I posted that showed keyboard covers were useful for the more standard keyboarding programs but the students who were using the game-based programs got frustrated with covers. They were more interested in winning the game so in some cases they removed the covers.



  • This NEW UltraSlim Gen-2 cover is uniquely priced for school-wide and district-wide BULK / high-volume purchases over 500 covers up to 40%+ discounts! Purchases of 500+ Chromebook or Laptop covers are shipped in 50-pack units with one, plastic, shipping tray, and an instructional insert.
  • SpeedSkin's NEW UltraSlim Gen-2 cover fits all standard, brand-name Chromebook and Chromebook-style laptops as listed (and most newer, standard, laptop keyboards): Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and others. The NEW UltraSlim Gen-2 cover also fits all standard, Chromebook, white-label, after-market-brand laptop keyboards.

  • SpeedSkin's NEW UltraSlim Gen-2 cover works with any typing software.

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