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"Mighty Math Number Heros"

Mighty Math Number Heros


Visit the math metropolis where four friendly Number Heroes host exciting activities that promote investigation and experimentation. Students master fractions, multiplication, division, 2D geometry, and probability as they create dazzling fireworks displays, test their wits at a math game show, solve geometric challenges, and graph data.

Special features include strong support of NCTM standards and along with Calculating Crew, cover all major topics in 3rd-6th grade math curriculums.

Learning Opportunities

  • Problem Solving
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Fractions (Add, Subtract & Multiply)
  • Convert Decimals to Fractions
  • Geometry (Angles, Perimeter, Area, Symmetry, etc.)
  • Interpret Graphs & Charts
  • Patterns & Logic
  • Probability (Experiment, Predict & Evaluate)


  • Watch Fractions Become a Blast

Identify, add, subtract, and multiply fractions to make brilliant and explosive fireworks with Fraction Man. This math superhero also does a bang-up job of teaching you to compare fractions, find equivalent fractions and convert decimals to fractions.

  • Explore Probabilities with Handsome Chance

Read graphs and charts, predict outcomes and determine probability as you make action figures of Handsome Chance. Run the probability machine to test your hypotheses.

  • Hands-on Geometry with GeoBot

Use the Geometry Computer to solve the GeoBot's challenging geometric brainteasers. You'll build geometric shapes and designs while mastering concepts such as perimeter, area, congruence, similarity, symmetry, rotation, and tessellations.

  • Turn Math and Logic into Fun and Games

Star Brilliant, host of Quizzo, challenges you to test your wits in math and logic against wacky contestants or your own friends. Win by solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, analogy, shape identification, sorting, and sequencing problems.

Special Features

Includes two unique calculators that display the steps required to solve a problem. They also convert between fractions and decimals, and simplify fractions.

A pop-up Fact Book offers you help with geometry terms and concepts. The Fact Book is part of the GeoComputer activity and can be used to help solve the GeoBot's geometric brainteasers.

Mighty Math's unique Grow Slide feature automatically records your child's progress and adjusts to guide your child's learning. The activities in Number Heroes offer dozens of math topics and thousands of problems. Grow Slides help your child get the full benefit of the four years of math learning in every activity. As your child learns and progresses, the Grow Slides advance, offering more challenging problems. You or your child can also set the difficulty of each activity or choose a specific topic related to schoolwork.

This product contains Universal Access features including TouchWindow and Single Switch compatibility to address a variety of learning styles and abilities.




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Mighty Math Number Heroes

Mighty Math Number Heroes teaches your 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grader the concepts, facts and thinking skills necessary to build math confidence and develop a strong, lasting understanding of math!

JumpStart Toddler
(CD in Colorful Paper Sleeve)

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