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"Jump Start Study Helpers Spelling Bee"

Jump Start Study Helpers Spelling Bee



JumpStart Study Helpers Lets You Turn Studying for Spelling Tests Into a Game!

With JumpStart® Study Helpers, your child simply enters his or her weekly spelling words into the computer and starts playing. Arcade-style activities provide entertaining practice with the words for improved test scores.

  • 6 Levels: Games automatically adjust to your child's groWing abilities
  • Includes all critical spelling rules
  • Instructions in English and Spanish, and word translations

JumpStart Study Helpers has Easy Input

Allows your child to enter spelling words for individual learning!

JumpStart Study Helpers Includes Recycle Words Game

Incorrect answer? The word will be recycled for more practice.

JumpStart Study Helpers Includes Pre-Programmed Words

For additional practice, 1700 pre-programmed words are included.

System Requirements for Windows for JumpStart Study Helpers

  • Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • 266 MHz or faster processor
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB for Vista or XP)
  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • 640x480 monitor, 16-bit color
  • Windows-compatible sound card & speakers
  • 12X CD-ROM drive



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Jumpstart Study Helpers Spellling Bee

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Age Level

Study Helpers Spelling Bee

(Translations from English & Spanish)
"Import Your Own Words!"

Childrens Educational SoftwareWin 2000, XP,
Vista/Win 7(32bit)

Childrens Educational Software
(Not MAC Compatible)

MSRP $19.99

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JumpStart Study Helpers Spelling Bee
How do you get your child to study for spelling tests? Make it into a game! With Jump Start Study Helpers your child simply enters his weekly spelling wordsinto the computer and starts playing.  With arcade-style activitiesplaying the games means your child is practicing the words and improving theirtest scores!
JumpStart Study Helpers Spelling Bee
(CD in Gift Quality Jewel Case)


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