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"High Achiever Spelling"



High Achiever Spelling Description

Speed to Success!

  • Improve grades and test scores

  • Multimedia learning system makes even the toughest words manageable

  • Great for students studying for college entrance exams

  • Covers pronunciation and usage

Build communication skills fast! Speedstudy English Spelling provides a solid educational foundation that will raise grades and test scores and improve vocabulary and spelling skills in the classroom and beyond.Boost grades and essay scores With fun games, real-time quizzes and an easy-to-use interface, Speedstudy English Spelling gives users the tools they need to master words for all occasions.Take the stress out of expressing yourself Each of the learning activities is designed to help students expand their vocabulary in an engaging, interactive environment. Plus, students can choose what to review, such as pronunciation or usage.Feaures

  • 6 different kinds of games, including word find and arcade style

  • Features animation and spoken pronunciations

  • Choose from over 100 unique word lists


High Achiever Spelling Games include:

  • Spell Disaster

  • Mark My Words

  • Cast a Spell

  • Spelling Secrets

  • Word Garden

  • Spelling Quest

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Product Title & Image
Age Level
PC Treasures
14 Years & Up
Win7,8 & 10 & Win8
Childrens Educational Software
(Not MAC Compatible)
High Achiever Spelling

Great for Collegiate Entrance Exam PrepProduct InformationHigh Achiever Spelling for Grades 9-12 is curriculum based software for academicsuccess.  With High Achiever Spelling you can both see and hear how tospell words.  And you can practice what you have learned with excitinggames and quizzes like Spell Disaster Mark My Words Cast a Spell Word Gardenand more. Say goodbye to boring drills - High Achiever Spelling is your key tobecoming a spelling expert!Skills Learned Library Music Sports Sweet Shop Theater Retro Depot Museum ArcadeProduct Features See and hear how to spell words Practice what you have learned Exciting games and quizzes Become a spelling expert

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