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"Arthur's Reading Race"

Arthurs Reading Race


Arthur's Reading Race Description

Arthur's Reading Games is an animated story telling and reading experience that introduces young children to the world of books and the enjoyment of reading. The program's main area - Read To Me - is a 12 page story that is a combination of written word and narrative, plus an animated story with Arthur and D.W.

The program has 3 areas - "Read to Me ", " Reading Race", and "Let Me Play " .

In "Read to Me", Arthur and D.W take a walk through town and Arthur bets D.W. that she can't read 10 words that they will find on the signs in town. Arthur plays I Spy with D.W. The narrative of the story is read. Words appear on the page so the viewer can track the written words as they as spoken. The user also learns words by watching D.W. respond to Arthur's questions.

You also can play I Spy yourself on any page. D.W. will show you a printed word. Then you click on the object in the picture. The story is animated with lots of chats between D.W. and Arthur which adds to the spirit of fun.

In " Reading Race", you play a board game with D.W. and Arthur. You are presented with a written word and you match the word to the right picture. Your final destination and reward is the ever tantalizing "ice cream" store.

In "Let me Write", you select an object from the screen and place it into a written sentence and the picture transforms itself into a written word. You then see how the word can fit into a simple sentence. You can change the subjects, verbs and objects of any of the sentences and create new sentences and have them read back to you.

The program allows you to choose from 3 levels of difficulty in any of the play type activities, and provides lots of hints to help the user find the right answer.




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Arthurs Reading Race
Of course, reading is the whole point behind Living Books, even for tots who haven't quite learned all their ABCs. That's why we have a narrator reading along, as the text to Arthur's Reading Race appears on screen. And since Living Books are both animated and interactive, chock-full of clickable surprises, there's a pretty good chance that your little one will happily sit through the whole thing.
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