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EducationMax Keyboard Covers
EducationMax Stop-the-Peek Opaque Keyboard Cover for Dell KB216

EducationMax Opaque Keyboard Cover Closeup

  EducationMax Stop-the-Peek Keyboard Cover   EducationMax No-Peek Cover for Dell KB2116T & KM636 (DP/N ORKRON).

Perfect Fit "Stop-the-Peek" Opaque Keyboard Cover
Designed for the Dell KB216 & KM636 (DP/N ORKRON)


Benefits of EducationMax, No-peek Keyboard Covers!

No more teacher policing student peekers

With the "perfect fit" EducationMax ultraslim no-peek keyboard covers, there's no need to walk around the class looking for those who want to peek when they're learning to type. Keyboad covers should always be incorporated in the classroom during touch typing classes.

Lightweight, easy to store and inexpensive.

The EducationMax no-peek keyboard covers weigh less than a tenth of an ounce and can be easily stored on the students keyboard or combined with others to put away in a small classroom storage area. Considering the durability, they should last the entire school year, making them the most economic way to provide a no-peek solution for touch typing classes.

No Silicone

Due to the number of people who have allergies to silicone products, the EducationMax no-peek keyboard covers are constructed from polyurethane. This is just one more way the EducationMax ultraslim perfect fit keyboard covers can improve student's experience during touch typing classrooms worldwide.   


EducationMax No-Peek Clover for Dell

"Homing Bars" found on the F & J Keys

 The small bumps or ridges (homing bars) found on the F and J keyboard keys (position keys), included on "All" EducationMax no-peek Keyboard Covers,  help position your left and right hands without having to look at the  keyboard. For example, without looking at your hands, you can feel the  small bumps to correctly position your left and right index fingers on  the F and J keys. Once your hands are on the home row key position, you can locate the remainder of the keys on the keyboard. Covering the keyboard is essential for today's keyboard instruction.


This "Stop-the-Peek" keyboard cover is specifically designed for Mid & Deep Key Keyboards, including the Dell KB216 & KM636 (DP/N ORKRON). EducationMax is currently  in the process of creating a "Perfect fit" keyboard cover for all major computers and Chromebooks offered for touch typing classrooms for today and into the future. 

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