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SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers
Speedskin Keyboard Cover

UltraSlim No-Peek Overlays for
ChromeBooks, 2nd Generation laptops & MacBooks

SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation 1

SpeedSkin UltraSlim for Chrombooks


SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation 6
SpeedSkin UltraSlim for ChromeBooks 1
SpeedSkin UltraSlim for ChromeBooks 6

Fits the following Currently Producted
Desktop, Laptop
& Chromebook Computers!

Including but "NOT" limited to the following!

SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for Acer
  • Spin 5
  • Swift 5
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for ASUS
  • AIO V24/DA
  • Chromebook Flip C433
  • Chromebook Flip C436
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for Dell
  • Desktop M01
  • Inspiron 13 7000
  • Inspiron 14 7000
  • Inspiron 23.8 7000
  • Inspiron 27 7000
  • Touch-Screen All-in-One
  • XPS 15
  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Dell Wired Keyboard - Black KB216
  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Dell Wireless Keyboard - KM3322W
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for Pixelbook
  • Google Pixelbook Go
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for HP
  • Chromebook 11S
  • Chromebook 14
  • Chromebook X360
  • Envy X360
  • Pavilion Desktop TP01
  • Spectre X360
  • 19.5" All-in-One
  • 23.8" Touch-Screen All-in-One
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for Imac
  • MacBook Air M1
  • MacBook Pro 13"
  • MacBook Pro 16"
  • iMac 27"
  • iMac 21.5"
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for Lenovo
  • Chromebook C340-15
  • IdeaCentre 3
  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH lenovo 300 USB Keyboard
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation for Samsung
  • Galaxy Book Flex A 13.3"
  • Galaxy Chromebook



Unifit Cover
Click on the Image for additional Information or

Email to smartkid6@smartkidssoftware.com for free sample



4 Great SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers to Choose From

Choose the Correct one!
The most common mistake when purchasing a SpeedSkin
Keyboard Cover is ordering the wrong one.

If in doubt, give us a call us at (832) 741-4244

Order Here

Speedskin Standard

SpeedSkin/PC Standard Keyboard Cover fits standard, stand alone deep key desktop keyboards.

If your keyboard looks like this,
choose the Standard DeepKey SpeedSkin.

Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
SpeedSkin UltraSlim

SpeedSkin 1st Generation UltraSlim Keyboard Cover fits most first generation name brand laptops, shallow keyboards and Chromebooks.

If your keyboard looks like this,
choose the 1st Generation UltraSlim.

Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
(10) Pack Volume Pricing
SpeedSkin UltraSlim 2nd Generation

SpeedSkin for ChromeBooks, 2nd Generation Laptops & MacBooks. Fits 99% the 2020/2023 school years name brand Chromebooks laptops, shallow keyboards and MacBooks.

If your keyboard looks like this,
choose the 2nd Generation UltraSlim.

Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
(10) Pack Volume Pricing
SpeedSkin Unifit Closeup "UNIFIT" Cover by SpeedSkin
(Minimum order 500)
(500) Pack Volume Pricing
(10) Unit Add On Pricing
EducationMax Stop-the-Peek Keyboard Cover for the Dell KB216 & KM636 (DP/N ORKRON)

No-peek Keyboard Covers for Dell KB216T
the Dell KB216 & KM636 (DP/N ORKRON)
(Click on Pic for more Information)

Single Wrapped Volume Pricing
Single Wrapped Volume Pricing



The SpeedSkin orange, four-row, and blank keyboard covers are the perfect curriculum companion for typing software programs in the classroom or at home. These covers prevent students from peeking at the keyboard while using any of the top typing software to achieve 60+ words per minute. Our peek-proof training prevents students from acquiring the hunt and peck method, which limits typing speed to only 35 wpm. 

When students cannot see the keyboard, they are required to focus on the on-screen software instruction. This maximizes and develops kinetic/muscle memory, which is the basis for touch typing mastery (up to 60-120 wpm) in as little as six hours of classroom time. 

For More Information, Give us a Call at:
(832) 741-4244.



SpeedSkin's Educational Keyboard Covers
Make the Keyboard a Portal to Life's Important Opportunities

Since one size keyboard cover fits all standard keyboards, you don't have to catalog your keyboard inventory. Just order a SpeedSkin standard cover or an UltraSlim cover. Also, when you get new keyboards in your classroom, it's likely that the keyboard skins you have will fit the new keyboards. Re-ordering may not be necessary. 

For Help in Making This Decision, Give us a Call at:
(832) 741-4244.

Teachers love our keyboard covers for typing because using them typically accomplishes their curriculum goals ahead of schedule AND improves their classroom experience. Our no-peek keyboard covers save you from tedious monitoring when you’re helping children learn keyboard typing. Contact us for more information on our amazing keyboard cover products.




Why should your student use a
"SpeedSkin"peek-proof Keyboard Cover?


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(Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM, Central Time)
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