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Facial Composite

Student Edition
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Faces 4.0 EDU
All Ages
Childrens Educational SoftwareWindows
XP, Vista
Educational Games for Win7 & Win8

Childrens Educational Software OS10.1-10.6

(Not OS10.7 or 10.8 Compatible)


Observational skills are critical in increasing personal awareness and safety!

FACES 4.0 EDU forensic software program is a classroom version of the award-Winning criminal investigation software software that allows police investigators to develop accurate, photo-like suspect composites.

Intuitive and easy to use, FACES 4.0 EDU lets students create billions of different human faces with point-and-click selection from its rich database of facial features.
Faces 4.0 EDU

What's the Safest Thing to Do?
(English, Spanish & French Version)
Childrens Educational SoftwareWin 98/XP
Win 7(32bit)
Childrens Educational SoftwareMAC OS 9.x with Carbon Lid/OS 10.1.2 or higher

A Fun Way To Keep Kids Safe! Join the adorable and loveable SafetyTots as they learn how to safely react to situations that they may encounter. With the help of their "guardian angel", Betsy The Butterfly, children ages 4-8 will squeal with delight as they explore the 35 scenarios which are fun and completely non-threatening. This activity addresses many safety issues such as drowning prevention, poison control, stranger awareness, firearms safety, drug and alcohol prevention and fire prevention. Given rave reviews, including 4 1/2 Stars from the LA TIMES Children's Software Reviewer, Jinny Gudmundsen, this visual aide is perfect for at home or for any safety program for children.

What's the Safest Thing to Do?
Flash Cards
Flash Cards
Flash Cards

This national award Winning activity is an ideal visual aid for any safety related program. Perfect for at home or in the classroom, the 30 colorful cards depict potentially challenging situations for the SafetyTots, an adorable and loveable group of cartoon characters. On the back of each card are questions for the adult to ask to help stimulate further discussion about the issue addressed. From fire prevention to stranger awareness, children ages 3-8 will learn how to create a safer world for themselves and ultimately will know "what's the safest thing to do".

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