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Educational Computer Games

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Cloud Based Education

Cloud Based Education


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Our Top Educational Software & Computer Games for Schools!

Ultimate Speed Reader

Ultimate Speed Reader
School Network

All The Right Type 3

All the Right Type School Network



Inspiration 9


Knowledge Adventure created the Ultimate Speed Reader with more than 200 exciting reading passages presented in six engaging activities will help you increase your reading speed and improve comprehension

Ingenuity Works created the "All The Right Type" which motivates your students to develop their keyboarding skills. Very educational game!

Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration develops thinking, literacy and numeracy skills using proven visual learning principles.

Inspiration Software is the essential tool students rely on to plan, research and complete projects successfully.
UltraKey 6

UltraKey 6

Kid Keys

Kid Keys 2.0

Kid Works Deluxe

Kid Works Deluxe School Network

Type To Learn 3

Type To Learn 4 School Network

UltraKey guarantees typing fluency by building good habits, speed and accuracy through structured lessons. Learning is supported by voice, 3D animation, video and virtual reality.

Get ready for a lifetime of computer fun. Teach young students the basics of typing including alphabet introduction, the computer keyboard, and how to use a mouse.

Davidson's best seller Kid Works Deluxe is a multimedia creativity tool that combines a word processor, a paint game, and design projects into one dynamic package!

Sunburst wonderful Type to Learn 4 (Upgraded version of "Type to Learn 3") With the 25 lessons, students embark on time-travel missions and learn keyboarding skills.

Our Top Educational Software Games For Home, Homeschool & Small Labs!



Teacher's Pet: early Elementary


Teacher's Pet: Upper Elementary


All The Right Type 3

"Millie's Math House"
"Bailey's Book House"
"Sammy's Science House"
Trudy's Time & Place House"
"Thinkin' Things 1"

"Mighty Math Carnival Countdown"
"Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum"
"Zoombinis Island Odyssey"
"Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Capers on Cloud Nine"
"Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade Mis-Cheese-ious Dreamship Adventure"

"Thinkin' Things 3:
Galactic Brain Bender"
"Mighty Math Number Heros"
"Might Math Calculating Crew"
"Oregon Train 5th Edition"
"Where in the World is
Carmen Sandiego"

The Learning Company created Kid Pix Deluxe 4 the #1 Best-selling Art Software line for kids just got better!
This latest edition of Kid Pix is packed with all new fun, imaginative art tools and projects.

Kidspiration 3

Inspiration 9


Math For the Real World

Math For The Real World

Type to Learn 3

Type to Learn 3

Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration develops thinking, literacy and numeracy skills using proven visual learning principles. In reading and writing, Kidspiration strengthens word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension and written expression. With new visual math tools, students build reasoning and problem solving skills.  

For visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations, use Inspiration® 9, the ultimate thinking and learning tool. Brainstorm ideas, structure your thoughts and visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the Diagram and Map Views. To take notes, organize information, and structure writing for plans, papers and reports,

Knowledge Adevnture created Math for the Real World where the theme is appealing. Become a roadie, traveling the countryside with a hot new rock band. Their goal is to make a full, ten-scene video that will propel the band to stardom.

Students embark on zany time travel missions to learn keyboarding skills in this animated update of Type to Learn™. Built on a proven curriculum of sequential, skills-building instruction, Type to Learn 3 helps students master keyboarding by engaging them in lesson/practice sequences

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