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SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers
Speedskin Keyboard Cover

Unifit Cover

SpeedSkin Unifit 5

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The below image shows the new cover design
before the cover is imprinted with keytop squares.

SpeedSkin Unifit 6

Below is the finished UniFit cover with imprinted keytop squares.

SpeedSkin Unifit 7

SpeedSkin Unifit 7

Covid / ESSR funds are available for your UniFit purchase under

these categories: 1) assistive technology,

2) student learning loss,

3) remedial and tutoring tools. 

SpeedSkin Unifit 8

Why UniFit Covers will fit YOUR Chromebooks

SpeedSkin has adapted its signature, blank, orange, opaque, four-row, keyboard cover into a One-Size-Fits-All Chromebook Cover. Meet UniFit.

UniFit overcomes the ⅛-inch horizontal “spacing gap” between keys among brand-name Chromebooks. So, UniFit fits ALL, education-priced Chromebooks! NOW, this ⅛-inch spacing gap does not matter. SpeedSkin’s new UniFit cover is designed to be YOUR One-Size-Fits-All, Chromebook Cover; no ordering hassles.

Familiar features you can trust: 1) Orange, opaque, four rows, and vertical and horizontal grooves with home-row indicators. 2) UniFit can be used with any typing, instructional software to prevent peeking and expedite typing mastery at grade level or higher – a major curriculum goal. 3) Warranty: Order risk-free with our 30-day, money-back guarantee including the S&H charge. Call 800.558.7601 to process a required Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA).

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